"LP" = Liberty Penguin = Libertarian Party
Mascots say a lot...
Democrats claim the donkey, an animal synonymous with stubbornness. Republicans chose the elephant, a beast more inclined to trample our rights than protect them.

The Libertarian Party adopted Lady Liberty, the symbol of freedom.

Unfortunately, so have scores of others.
Lady Liberty has become an immensely popular corporate spokesperson. Her likeness appears in countless advertising campaigns, hawking everything from used cars to mutual funds.

When Americans see Lady Liberty on the New York state license plate, or peddling Liberty Mutual Insurance, chances are they don't think of the Libertarian Party.

We Need Our Own Mascot!
The Libertarian Party needs a living mascot, a uniquely original symbol that will attract the attention and capture the hearts of America; one that will complement Lady Liberty and carry the torch proudly for those who still yearn to breathe free.

Why a Penguin?

  • Liberty is cool. Penguins symbolize cool.
  • Penguins are friendly. They're natural icebreakers. They're also used to cold receptions.
  • Penguins are cute. Their playful antics are a picture of freedom.
  • Penguins are perfectly adapted to their environment. They thrive on one of the planet's harshest continents – Antarctica.
  • Penguins are black and white; there's no gray area.

"LP" was created in 1994 by Ann Cason, a Libertarian, graphic designer and co-owner of The Creative Factory in Bean Station, Tennessee. The idea for a penguin was inspired by W. Luther Jett, who suggested the mascot in a letter to the LP News in 1994. "LP" The Liberty Penguin is a copyrighted design. Only Libertarians can use it. Camera-ready Liberty Penguin art work is available for use by all recognized party affiliates with written permission from Ann Cason.

Quality "LP" products are also available for purchase including a brass hat/lapel pin, koolie cups, T-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, bumper stickers and holiday cards. Quantity discounts are available.

Promote Liberty!

  • "LP" attracts attention.
  • "LP" koolie cups, t-shirts, caps, and pins sell well at fundraisers.
  • "LP" products make great gifts and are excellent membership incentives.

Celebrate Liberty...
Wear the Liberty Penguin proudly, or give "LP" to someone whose actions reflect Libertarian ideals. It's a great way to spread the word.

Help make "LP" the new beacon for freedom in America. Adopt "LP" The Liberty Penguin as your state or affiliate's official mascot.

For more information or for a free brochure:
E-mail us at info@thecreativefactory.com
or call us
toll-free at: 888-453-4332
or write us at: P.O. Box 368, Bean Station, TN 37708

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